Meet Our Team

Our Purpose and our passion at Steven F. Larsen DDS is to give every patient the highest quality dental care in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We will strive to make each patient’s appointment a caring and pain-free experience by listening to their dental goals and engaging with them to achieve it through education on oral health and using the most advanced technology that dentistry can offer. We want all our patients to feel at home and to trust that they will always have first class and family friendly experience.

Carrie, Dental Hygienist

I like helping my patients achieve the best possible dental health they can. Seeing a person take control of their smile’s health is so rewarding! With lots of patient education, support, and encouragement, Dr. Larsen and our team really do improve lives.

I clean teeth, perform scaling and root planing, assess periodontal health, and administer anesthetic. While working with my patients, I talk with them about the connection between oral and overall health and how they can achieve healthy smiles and bodies. When a person comes for a recall visit and I can see he or she has made positive changes, I can’t help but smile.

Molly, Registered Dental Assistant

Molly comes to us from Pullman, Washington where she and her husband raised five children. They recently became empty nesters. Molly attended dental assisting classes in Spokane, Washington and is now a registered dental assistant.

As a cancer survivor, she loves the health and wellness of dentistry.

She enjoys helping to comfort each patient during their treatment and assisting the doctor to make each appointment go as smoothly as possible.

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