Dental Implants

When a person loses one or more of the teeth, it is referred to as tooth loss. It is a natural occurrence in children who lose their first set of teeth called milk teeth. For adults, tooth loss is undesirable and embarrassing.

Various factors could lead to tooth loss.  Prominent among the causes are gum disease called periodontal disease, cavities, physical injury or trauma, poor eating habits, accidents, and bad oral hygiene. Other diseases and risk factors such as diabetes, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking could also result in tooth loss.

Tooth loss can be prevented in several ways. These include maintaining proper oral hygiene by taking good care of the teeth and gums, reducing intake of sugary and starchy foods, and increasing fruit and vegetable intake. In addition, limiting one's consumption of alcohol, avoiding tobacco, and visiting the dentist regularly will help in the prevention of tooth loss.


Why Do You Need Dental Implant Restoration?

       It is necessary to replace a lost tooth because the resultant effect of not doing so can be grievous as it can grow into a much larger problem after a while.

       It may be medically necessary to go for a dental implant if you have tried to manage a bad tooth without success.

       To eliminate the fear or self-consciousness that loose dentures or loose partials may cause. With dental implants, you don't need to worry that the dentures may come off while you're eating or talking.

       To prevent the sunken-in facial appearance that occurs as a result of tooth loss which dentures cannot prevent.

       Missing teeth will make chewing of food difficult. Chewing with missing teeth may lead to sore and damaged gums.

       Missing teeth make you feel less confident and unable to voice your opinion. You feel insecure and want to hide your smile. This has a negative impact on your social life.


Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a popular solution to teeth loss. They provide a strong foundation for fixed and removable replacement teeth. Dental implants have brought a revolution to teeth replacement and the practice of dentistry. They integrate into the bone and are considered to be the most natural way to replace missing teeth.

A dental implant restoration is a method of teeth replacement that involves an implant, abutment, and artificial teeth. The implant is surgically positioned into the jawbone, and it serves as the root of the restoration. The abutment is attached to the implant; it is a connecting element, connecting the implant with the replacement tooth. The dental implant restoration, which is called prosthesis, is then attached to the abutment.

Dental implants restoration is to be desired for people with missing or damaged teeth because it has many notable advantages which other treatment options may not offer. It proffers solutions to the problems associated with alternative tooth replacement methods.


Benefits of Dental Implant Restoration

  1. Improves appearance

Tooth loss leads to the cheeks looking sunken or saggy. Dental implants can help to preserve and restore the natural face shape and youthful appearance because they prevent bone resorption that occurs with tooth loss. Also, a beautiful smile, which is made possible after tooth loss by the process of dental implant restoration goes a long way in making the face more attractive.

  1. Makes eating more convenient

Other forms of tooth replacement may not allow you to eat some foods. People who are not satisfied with dietary restrictions that accompany missing teeth should consider dental implants which are as strong as natural teeth and can withstand the pressure of chewing and grinding food. Eating is also made easier and more comfortable because dental implants function like natural teeth, unlike dentures which tend to slide or shift.

  1. Preserves jawbone tissues

Bone is a living tissue that needs constant stimulation to rebuild itself. Once a tooth is lost the jawbones supporting it begin to shrink because of the loss of stimulation. Since dental implants are embedded inside the jawbones, they stimulate the bone and help to prevent bone resorption and deterioration.

  1. Durable and reliable

 To replace missing teeth with artificial teeth that look, function, and feel similar to natural teeth, one should consider dental implant restorations. Implants will last for a very long time, in fact, with good care they can last a lifetime. They become part of your jawbone providing a permanent solution to tooth loss.

  1. Restores confidence

Embarrassment about missing teeth may prevent a person from smiling or participating in activities that involve socializing with others. Dental implant restoration is the closest to natural teeth. They look and function like real teeth. This gives a renewed confidence, a great smile and makes you feel better about yourself.

  1. Safe for adjacent natural teeth

Dental implants have no negative effects on the health of adjacent teeth. Other types of tooth replacement usually rely on adjacent teeth for support thereby weakening them over time. Dental implants on the other hand stand alone and do not need to rely on the adjacent tooth for support.

  1. Easy to care for

You can take care of implant teeth the same way you would take care of your natural teeth.  You don't need special oils or creams or adhesives. No need for overnight soaking or special procedures.  Of course, there is a need for good oral hygiene practice just as is the case with natural teeth to ensure that your implants are long-lasting.

  1. Support speech

The teeth play an important role in the production of speech sounds. With missing teeth, clarity of speech is affected. Also, it may be difficult to pronounce certain sounds correctly. Dental implants prevent slurring, whistling, or any other unwanted vocalization and they help to restore natural speech patterns.


We Can Help You.

The benefits of Dental Implant Restoration are numerous. It can give a permanent solution to all the problems associated with missing teeth which most other types of tooth replacement methods will fail to give. Contact us at Town Dentals today to have your implants restored.