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Putting your best smile forward isn’t always as easy as scheduling your routine cleanings and diligently brushing and flossing. Sometimes, our smiles can reveal imperfections such as discolorations, chips, gaps, and more, and they aren’t always so easily avoidable. That’s why Steven F Larsen, DDS and his team in Pullman, WA, offer cosmetic services that help patients achieve beautiful teeth that they feel proud of. We believe everyone deserves to tell their story to the world with a happy, confident smile.

Opalescence® Teeth Whitening

If you drink coffee, tea, soda, or red wine, or if you take certain medications or smoke, odds are you have noticed that your smile isn’t as white as you would like it to be. Unfortunately, regular brushing and flossing aren’t usually enough to reverse discoloration. That’s why we offer Opalescence® Tooth Whitening Systems. With take-home and in-office options, you can choose the system that works best for your needs and lifestyle!

Because these systems are prescription-strength, they are only available through a dentist. Dr. Larsen will supervise your treatment to ensure its safety. Plus, unlike over-the-counter options, Opalescence® can actually strengthen tooth enamel, creating less sensitivity. These products are highly effective and can whiten your smile by several shades. Plus, they can be customized. Bleaching trays are custom-designed to fit your smile, and you can choose from a number of different treatment options depending on your goals and budget.


If you have imperfections in your smile such as chips, gaps, cracks, discoloration, or misshapen teeth, veneers may be a great option for creating a beautiful smile you feel proud to show off. Veneers are thin, durable ceramic or porcelain shells that are custom-designed to achieve the smile you are looking for. They are bonded onto the front of your existing teeth and will look natural in your smile. Plus, they are stain-resistant!

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a simple, cost-effective procedure that can fix small imperfections in the smile. For example, it can be used to fill in chips, cover discoloration, or slightly change the shape of the teeth. A tooth-colored resin is applied onto the tooth and shaped to create the desired appearance. Although bonding is more likely to chip, stain, or break than veneers, it can more easily be fixed in one visit.

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