Dental Fillings Pullman, WA

We incorporate state-of-the-art dental materials that enhance both your smile’s function and appearance. Fortunately, it’s possible to restore broken or decaying teeth without having to detract from the way it looks. By incorporating metal free restorations, you can enjoy long lasting success without the risk of cosmetic concerns or mercury exposure.

Composite Dental Fillings

White dental fillings are made from composite or resin materials that are quite durable to everyday use. Depending on the product, some composite restorations also slowly release fluoride to make the surrounding tooth less likely to develop a new cavity. They pose many advantages over silver fillings:

Less Invasive to Teeth

Composite bonds naturally to enamel, allowing it to be placed on smoother surfaces and requires less tooth alteration. In contrast, metal fillings have to be wedged into a tooth and held in by mechanical forces. Since white restorations bond more closely, they create a tighter seal and help to limit the risk of recurrent tooth decay. Less enamel has to be removed as a result.

Better Aesthetics

White dental fillings are custom matched to your teeth, as they come in a variety of different shades. As such, we’re able to place them throughout the mouth, when a silver filling might otherwise cause cosmetic concerns. In the end, white fillings blend in so well with your enamel that it’s unlikely anyone will realize that you have one.


Many people are concerned about the possible risks associated with traditional metal fillings, because of the mercury they contain. While amalgam restorations have been used for decades, it is still a prevalent concern. Metal free fillings do not contain mercury, so there’s not a chance for exposure to toxic vapors while being placed or removed.

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